Island of Saria

Island Saria KarpathosThe island of Saria was in ancient times one of the 4 ancient cities of Karpathos, Nisyros. The island is full of ancient monuments, ancient ruins and ancient settlements residues. Today belongs to the Province of Karpathos  island is 21 square miles. The ancient name was Saros.

Today Saria has been characterized an “Important Area for the Birds of Europe”, as it provides shelter for a rather large number of rare bird species, such as the Hieraaetus fasciatus, the Buteo rufinus, and the Falco eleonorae.




The island complex of Karpathos and especially Northern Karpathos and Saria are considered to be of exquisite importance also to the protection of the Mediterranean Monk Seal in a national level.

Karpathos, Saria, as well as the surrounding sea territory, belong to the NATURA 2000 Network, since they portray such a variety of habitats and host rare species on a national and European level.

MOM, recognizing all of the above, carried out a Special Environmental Report in 1999 for this area, suggesting the creation of a Protected Area carrying the name “Olympos Habitat Development Area”. Unfortunately this area has not yet officially been established as a protected area.

In 2003, the Greek government included the Karpathian territory and the high priority territories and founded the Manager of Karpathos-Saria, one of the 27 Managers in total. Although it had remained inactive for the first 3 years, due to the lack of funds and personnel, it has lately been funded by the EU Structural Funds and has started to materialize a few basic management actions.

MOM is a member of the Board of Directors of the Management Body since 2006 and has actively participated in its function. Lately, to actively support the organization, MOm offered it its boat “Saria” and the equipment they have kept the last few years in that area.

Reaching of course the island of Saria is not really easy, first you would have to reach Diafani village and with local contact there you can then take another boat to Saria.