Agia Anastasia - Agia Sofia

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Agia Anastasia - Agia Sofia

Dating back to the 4th – 6th century, today stand  the foundations a year old Christian basilica with semicircular arches and monolithic marble columns( Agia Anastasia). There have been two early Christian basilicas excavated by Italian archaeologists, during the Italian occupation. The first and largest, and the nearest ports are the oldest Christian basilica Alypias. After destroying the principles of the 6th century. AD, the reconstructed royal with rich mosaics and inscriptions which mention the Bishop Cyrus and the name of the saint, which was devoted to the royal, known as St. Anastasia. The second major basilica aneskafi from the same excavation is the oldest basilica Thanks. There are three other early Christian basilicas in the Arkasa, of which one of the Archangel Michael is a cemetery. On the east side of town survived two Middle Byzantine churches, the Marble Lady (Marmarini) and St George(Agios Georgios).

The church of Agia Sophia has been built at the place where the basilica once was.   The unique mosaics and columns are being exhibited in the museum of Arkasa and in the area around the church today , also a graveyard of 4th – 6th century.

Agia Sofia is located between the bays of Agios Nicolaos beach  and Agia sofia beach  today.