Lefkos Beach

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Lefkos Beach Karpathos Lefkos beach is located in the mid west part of the island and is part of the local district of Mesochori village, 33 kilometers from Karpathos town and 19 kilometers from Arkasa.

The area of Lefkos consists of 4 beautiful beaches ,one can easily pick depending on the weather – windy or non windy.  Driving into Lefkos area you will come to the first beach on the left side Potali Beach, a long strip of small pebbles and crystal clear waters. Coming to the main little fishing port of lefkos , you come upon a very beautiful beach of Gialou chorafi – the main beach of the area.

White sand and emerald waters await you. There are also the beaches of Panagias Limani and Francolimnionas just a few steps away. All beaches well organized umbrellas, sun beds, restaurants, cafes and all types of accommodation is available. Beautiful area for your relaxation and all under the beautiful sunset.