Wind Surfing Beaches

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Wind Surfing Beaches Karpathos These beaches are all located on the southeast part of the island  in Afiartis settlement nearby Karpathos Airport, they all offer windsurfers dream come true. Karpathos today being one of the top destinations for windsurfing.

Makris Gialos Beach  or like surfers named it “Chicken Bay” , just 300 meters next to the airport  this long stretch of white sand beach and shallow waters with excellent wind makes it the best area for learning. Restaurants, cafes and accommodation is all in the nearby area.

Nikolaki I Pounta and Valias or for surfers “Gun Bay”, just 1,5 kilometers from Makri Gialo beach, this long pebble beach, deep blue waters and very strong winds actually they are 2 beaches combined with Valias on the left and Nikolaki I Pounta on the right, making this area a more pro surfers spot.  Restaurants, cafes and accommodation are available nearby.

Vatha Beach or in surfers world “Devil Bay” , for those who worship Aeolos  the god of winds and for surfers. This beach is surfers favorite, offering high winds and a very long stretch nearly 1 klm., surely for the pro’s.  You will find a perfectly well organized windsurfing facilities for devotees of the sport as well as for spectators. Restaurants, cafes and accommodation is all in the nearby area.