Arkasa Village

Arkasa is one of the 12 villages of the Karpathian district Province of Karpathos  , Prefecture of the Dodecanese Islands   located on the Southwest part of the Island 15 klm from karpathos town and 8 klm from  Karpathos international airport and maintains almost pure the once ancient name of Ar See more details

Agios Nicolaos

Agios Nicolaos beach is the main beach of Arkasa village - located in the area of ancient acropolis of Arkesia  and a 500 meter walk from the town’s center. This beach today is among the most popular  beaches of Karpathos. A  golden sand strip with emerald waters under the shadow of Paleocastr See more details

Agios Theodoros

Agios Theodoros beach is located at the southwest part of the island , A  4 kilometer  drive from Arkasa. This is beautiful and quite beach, made from small colorful stones and crystal clear blue waters. This beach is nearly never wind , very suitable for families and young children. Restauran See more details

Finiki Beach

Finiki beach is located on the southwest part of the island in Finiki village, nearly 1,2 kilometers from  Arkasa village . These 2 villages are actually one.  Finiki is a breathtaking  little fishing town  with its own history during world war II , the monument  of Immakolata  is situated in See more details

Alkioni Hotel

Alkioni Hotel Finiki Karpathos The Alkioni apartments are located in the village of Finiki , just 1 kilometer from Arkasa village. The hotel provides  excellent, luxurious hospitality in a familiar environment. They are built according to the modern comfort combined harmonically with the especial characteristics of a traditional house in which it belongs to.

Tel.:0030-22450-61266,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,


Archipelagos Hotel Apartments

Archipelagos Hotel Apartments Arkasa Karpathos Archipelagos Hotel Apartments is located just outside the village of Arkasa and next to the sea which we created with lots of love and taste.
The hotel - apartments provides comfortable and spacious rooms (studios or apartments) capable to entertain 2 - 6 persons.

Tel.:0030-22450-61342, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,



Arkasa Shopping

I Love Karpathos  - shopping and much more...

Lovers of  traditional handmade arts and crafts, hand painted ceramics or tablecloths,  or miniatures of antic statues.   Popular culinary souvenirs are Virgin Karpathian olive oil , local wine and honey.  One can find easily clothes, shoes, books , accesoreies , jewellery or organic natural olive oil products  as well as T-shirts, caps and all necessary beach accessories at the all new I LOVE KARPATHOS - shopping.

Located on the main road towards Agios Nicolaos Beach in Arkasa, next to Sofias Car Rentals






Sightseeing Karpathos

Achata Cave
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Ancient city of Potideon
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Archaeological Museum of Karpathos
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Eftapatousa Church
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Island of Saria
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Kassos Island
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Mesochori Village
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Olympos Village
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The Cave of Poseidon
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Roman Cistern in Lefkos
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Tomb of Diogenis
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Beaches Karpathos

Achata Beach
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Afoti Beach
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Agios Minas Beach
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Agios Nikolaos Beach Spoa
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Agrilaopotamos Beach
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Ammopi Beach
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Apella Beach
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Christou Pigadi Beach
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Damatria Beach
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Diakoftis Beach
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Kira Panagia
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Lefkos Beach
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Michaliou Kipos Beach
This beach is located in the Southwest ...more
Psoraris Beach
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Vrontis Beach
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Wind Surfing Beaches
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Xenonas Beach
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