The Monument of Immakolata

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In the square of Finiki , a small fishing town just 1.2 kilometers from a Arkasa you can see the monument of "Immacolata" and the freedom fighters of this border island. Immacolata was a small vessel – typical greek fishing boat, 8 metres long, with a crew of 7 heroic men who sailed from Finiki  to Alexandria of Egypt in November 8 1944, in order to take the joyful news of freedom to the banished Greek government there.

That was when the German occupation troops left the island and the residents arrested the Italian guard and declared liberation of the island on October 5th. The mission was achieved and the island was liberated for the first time after 5 centuries of foreign rule.

This vessel was the the only engine powered boat on the island of Karpathos then, these brave 7 men arrived to Alexandria Egypt and with their arrival there the vessel was (as recorded officially) totally destroyed and while it was the unique property and the only source of viability of families: Never compensated by the GREEK GOVERNMENT…