Wind Surfing

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Karpathos today is among the top destinations worldwide for windsurfing, offering daily excellent winds for all windsurfing needs, whether you are a professional or just staring…  Located in the Southern part of the Island, in the area around Karpathos international Airport - “ Afiartis “  just  7 klm.  from  Arkasa.

This long narrow island of Karpathos juts out between Rhodes and Crete, and the meltemi (summer wind) blows full force from the north down through the high mountains, with high-wind days being virtually an everyday occurrence in July and August. Karpathos enjoys steady winds even in spring and autumn, making it an ideal spot for novices and those who wish to improve their surfing skills. But advanced surfers, too, can rely on getting a really good run for their money. It is simply a wind addicts' paradise.

The main centre in Gun Bay is a genuine high-wind location. The wind blows cross-offshore, and when it is strong, a 1-meter swell builds up about 500 m offshore, ideally suited to jump novices and loopers. The flat water near the shore is perfect for practicing gibes, and the offshore spit makes for safety. You can also surf out from Gun Bay to the next bay, Devil's Bay, which certainly lives up to its name. Here, the wind force is 1-2 figures higher on the Beaufort scale and the glassy surface of the water is perfect for blasting.

The second center is situated in the middle of   “Chickenbay” .  From the wind-sheltered terrace you have a good view of surf events in the lagoon. Chickenbay has a touch-the-bottom area stretching for about 80 m, providing ideal conditions for the novices, intermediates and freestylers amongst you. This spot  offers beginners' and childrens' courses, and, of course, "Unlimited Instruction" programs  with all major windsurfing clubs , which allows you to improve your overall surf-skill level effortlessly.

Chickenbay can be easily reached from the main centre, so that joint surfing presents no problems, even if your skill levels differ. You can also switch from centre to centre  at any time and as often as you like. Your safety is also guaranteed here: the bays in front of the two centers are under constant observation and 2 rescue boats is available for all emergencies.

Karpathos is proud to host every year the Speed World Cup ISWC ( ,this is a major event worldwide for windsurfer lovers and proves how much the area is now known for windsurfing. The world‘s fastest men and women in the speed windsurfing scene. Names of the sport will compete for points counting towards the 2010 Speed World Tour and, even more important, battle for the one-off Speed Windsurfing World Championship Titles !

In the men’s fleet, all eyes are set to the reigning world champion and 500m world record holder Antoine Albeau from France, who clearly dominated last season.

His strongest opponent is expected to be again European Champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck, living windsurfing legend. He won the 2008 Karpathos Event in the very last heat against Antoine Albeau to become European Champion. But also current tour leader Anders Bringal as well as the 2008 Overall World Cup Winner Cyril Moussilmani are expected to dispute the places on the podium.

Some more world class windsurfers from other disciplines are joining the speed tour this year, like local and Greek record holder Philip Adamidis, and legendary Chris Lockwood from Australia.

Also the women’s fleet is very strong for this major event of the 2009 season, including 2008 world champion and current tour leader Valerie Ghibaudo as well as second ranked Zara Davis.

After the excellent experiences from the past years, Karpathos is expected to show exceptional conditions again. The spot named “Devils Bay” is well known for crazy conditions up to 10 Beaufort side-offshore.

The 2010 Speed:World:Cup is sanctioned by ISWC (International Speed Windsurfing Class) on behalf of ISAF (International Sailing Federation). The local organization will be done by the Municipality of Karpathos.