Workshop & Crafts

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ILIOTROPIO is situated in Arkasa Karpathos - on a scenic spot about two kilometres outside Arkassa center, a small picturesque and historically significant place.

Courses for painting, mask-making, sculpture and music have been offered in addition to yearly alternating workshops for dance, body work, music and movement,
enriched with special activities.

These courses essentially content and aim the individual advancement in terms of: trying something “new”, acting inventive(ly), to move (something), immersing in the imaginary world and in the world of ideas, to exercise capabilities of (art) expressions, to (re)discover and broaden wasted talents, creative skills and physical mobility. Furthermore this is a place for social and cultural exchanges in an inspiring and pleasant atmosphere - afar off everyday life and stress - getting relaxation and having quietness.

The open Atelier with its terrace offering shade and shelter from the wind allows room for groups of ten to fifteen people to do arts and crafts as well as to paint, make music, dance, etc. ... in a unhurried atmosphere.

Around ILIOTROPIO, a garden of sculptures and other objects from Jani Jan J. are spreading, offering inspiration and motivation.

The inspiring surroundings with the view of the sea, the island of Kassos and the diversity of scenic bays is an ideal prerequisite for creative activities.